The way we work has changed, so must our space.  Exit 11 Workspace offers flexible solutions for professionals on-the-go.   

You may work from a home office, corporate office, restaurant or kitchen table. We have created a work place for professionals who need to work and meet outside of their home office.  By adding Xpresso Coffee House to the center we have created an energetic, creative and professional environment.  

Whether you're selling, consulting, creating, starting or searching, there is a place for you to get work done, meet and collaborate at Exit 11.  

Angela Garland, Founder Exit 11 Workspace

Angela came up with the idea for Exit 11 Workspace over a decade ago.  In fact the opening of the first center in Washington, MO was 11 years since the business plan was written. Why so long to open?  Angela is a futurist and was ahead of her time and it just took Missouri a little while to catch up.  With similar co-working spaces opening all over the country, she felt that the St. Louis Metro area was ready for this cool, yet professional business club.  She opened the first center in Washington, MO in August 2015 and expects to open in Clayton, MO in 2017.

In the Spring of 2016, Angela and her husband Scott opened Xpresso Coffee House inside Exit 11.  The coffee shop is open to the public and has added an energetic flow to the already creative space.  Exit 11 is truly is a place where community and small business come together to connect, collaborate and meet.