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Why Vision Board



The first part of dreaming is thinking or meditating, and then forming a visual reminder of what our intentions are. We’ve all created a “vision board”, we just might not call it that.  If we wanted to lose weight, we might have put up a skinny picture of ourselves on the fridge or a picture of a super model.  When I was a young girl, I would go through the Sears catalog and cut out pictures of everything I wanted for my birthday or Christmas and then glue them to construction paper and hang it on the fridge so my mom might see.  Now we have sites like Pinterest where we can create “boards” with pictures and articles related to our interests.  They might include pictures of all the fabulous places we want to visit, pictures of our dream house, the new wardrobe we hope to have, recipes we want to create and everything in between. 

And even though the digital world lets us create these virtual boards in minutes, there is something magical that happens when we use a pair of scissors, glue, markers and our own hands and brains to paste up what really resonates with us in that time and space.


As I get ready to kick off Dream Launch, which includes a Vision Board session, I reflect on the first grown-up Vision Board I made in 2008.  The father of my 4 children and I were going through a divorce, my dream for Exit 11 was put on hold and I needed to find a “real” job. I had no man, was upside down on two cars and was getting ready to foreclose on the house we were living in.  I spent one Saturday by myself and created my first Vision Board.  Prior to this, I had created lots of goal lists, chore lists and dream lists, but putting pictures to what I wanted helped me get clear.  

I divided my board into corners. One corner was about my future house, another about career/financial, one corner for personal care and one for relationships.  I had cut out a picture of a man from one of my magazines that seemed to pull me in.  He was handsome, but not necessarily my type.  He appeared tall and lean and I would normally go for the rugby/football build.  I just thought he looked fun, healthy and happy and it gave me a sense of peace when I looked at his face. It was more of a presence about him that made me put him on my board.  Phrases like “loves kids, wakes up happy, playful, happy marriage” came to mind and I either cut out those phrases or wrote them around the man.  This was in October, 2008.  In August of 2009 I met Scott – my 2nd husband.  We met on Match and I showed my youngest daughter a photo of him.  She immediately said “Mom, that’s the guy on your Vision Board!”  I had forgotten about the guy on the board, so I pulled it out and wow – there he was.  The red hair, dimples, whiskers….



I tell you this because so many people are afraid to put their dreams out there because they seem silly, unrealistic, crazy or even selfish.  I think that if we aren’t really clear about what we want, how will we know when it shows up in our life?  This story also says – be careful what you wish for because God or the Universe might take you seriously.  Some people might call it coincidence - but just about everything on that vision board from 2008 either happened or was no longer relevant.

Creating a board is easy, you just need a few hours of time, magazines or pictures you get from the web, some scissors, glue.  You can certainly get more creative and add glitter and such - but there is no award for having the most creative board – there is a reward for being really clear on what you want so you can put it out there. 

I had someone close to me say “I don’t allow myself to dream – that way I don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t happen”. I told that same person, “If you don’t allow yourself to dream, it’s never even possible!”   If you live in a 2-bedroom apartment and your dream home has 3 fireplaces and 5 bedrooms, would you be disappointed if you ended up in a house with only 2 fireplaces and 4 bedrooms?  I would guess not.  You got 90% there!  What if you didn’t have the dream?

The areas of life that I believe we can allow ourselves to dream in are in Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Wealth, Career and Learning.  If you are interested in creating your own Vision Board and just want to show up and get inspired, then think about attending our next Dream Launch Session located in Washington, MO.  I can also come on site for groups of 15-100.

You have to see it, believe it and get ready to receive it!

Angela Garland

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