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Calling all Superheroes

As a local entrepreneur, speaker, and coach - I have decades of experience as an innovator in the coworking field. As a futurist, I see more need than ever for small business incubation and support.  My own small business, Exit 11, has become so much more than a popular hybrid of coffeehouse and workspace; it is Washington’s local hub for coworking, meeting, networking, studying, and all things small business. We’ve created a comfortable, inviting, and productive space with the intention of providing a “home base” for many local small businesses.  We cater to small businesses by providing them with exactly what they need in an innovative and thoughtfully designed workspace. Exit 11 offers rentable office spaces and meeting rooms and inexpensive membership options that provide individuals with everything from high-speed wifi and coworking space to a membership to Legal GPS and deep discounts on marketing packages with Branding Bear, a fellow Exit 11 Business Club Member.  Not to mention, members get $35 of the $50 membership fee back in the form of credit toward the ever-important caffeinated drinks and passionately crafted food in the coffee house.

Curating this creative, dynamic space isn’t all I have to offer --I am passionate about helping others succeed with their own small businesses.  I’m excited to be offering individual and group coaching as well as courses aimed at igniting, advising and inspiring others. My expertise will help get them started--or fuel them to the next level.

Starting a Small Business in Missouri

Launching a successful small business is more than just the American Dream, specifically, it is the Missourian Dream. In a state where, according to the U.S. Small Business Association, 99.4% of all businesses are small businesses, understanding how to grow a concept into a thriving company is imperative. St. Louis currently ranks number 1 for the US Startup Scene, making my insight and expertise extra valuable to small business hopefuls 50 miles from the startup capital. Anyone who’s owned or even done a little research into the success rates of startups and small businesses knows that it’s not a feat for the faint of heart. Currently in Missouri only 18% of first-time ventures succeed, according to the Social Sciences Research Network. With the odds stacked against them, small business owners having access to the tools needed to succeed is crucial. Fortunately for business owners or hopefuls in the Washington community, the Exit 11 Small Business Hub can provide them with just that.

Startup WashMo

Since 2001, I’ve worked as an independent business consultant, speaker and facilitator. Now I’m lending my knowledge to the Washington community with the launch of Startup WashMo. This current endeavor aspires to support local community members wanting to pursue their own dreams of starting and running a small business. Through a series of course offerings I’ll be able to take beginners through the entire process of turning an idea into a reality. We plan to cover everything from creating a Vision Board, helping participants use the physical representation of their dreams to pinpoint exactly what they want to achieve, to turning that vision into action, detailing how to convert lofty goals into specific, achievable steps, to how to confidently hire and manage a team of employees, and everything in between. These classes show how to turn dreams into actions can be the edge any small business needs to launch their concept into a successful startup.

New courses added all the time, sign-up now and let’s get started on making your goals a reality.